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I’m not one of those people telling how little they watch Tv. I love watching TV and I love doing it with my kids. There are however some movies I have been dying to watch with them but then realized they are way to slow. Like they hate Ghostbusters, (something is wrong with them). But today we can all go home and watch Back to The Future since we are in the future – yay!
Not really any hooverboards in sight yet but I guess the segway airboards has to do and the 3-d printer- like the pancakeBot. And Nike is doing a special edition of the sneakers with the power laces.

My kids also liked the movie Big. oh how I wanted that piano and the basket ball hoop inside! And the NY loft. First time I went to FAO Schwarz in NYC and saw the big piano live was a big (!)  moment!



And Home Alone but only the first one. The family is called the MacAllisters!


And weirdly they liked Coppolas Marie Anoinette. There was a lot of talk about beheadings for a while but they got over it. Do you remember that she put a pair of converse among all maries shoes?!


Men in Black was also a big hit with the kids. It’s not that old but still. Quite old


Goonies was one of my favorites.


I also really loves Stand By me – but I think I have to wait for my kids to watch it. And in Sweden you have another 2 days to watch the show Retro where they meet Cory Fieldman and talk about Stand By me and the cast and other child stars and what happens when they ‘re out of the spotlight. – really good – on SVT play right here.


We also tried Forrest Gump- a bit too early I think and Titanic was too slow and maybe too much love.

The problem I have with the old movies are mostly the way women was portrayed. Like how the dads talked about the moms or how relationships where being shown. But other than that its great with some old school reminisce with your kids.

Do you have more tips?



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